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Make us your dream destination for 2024

Posted: 30/01/2024

Make us your dream destination for 2024

We are now well into 2024 and there is all the anticipation of the year ahead. Many of us are busy planning our holidays and looking for the perfect destination where memories are waiting to be made.

The Old Vicarage ticks a lot of boxes – 5-star luxury accommodation for that feel-good holiday indulgence; private and extensive leisure facilities to keep all ages happy and entertained; stunning countryside right on the doorstep; and a huge range of nearby activities and attractions to choose from.

It is also an excellent choice for a group booking. With spacious accommodation for up to ten people and lovely comfortable communal rooms that are perfect for ‘country-house style’ living and relaxation, it is the ideal retreat for family and friends’ celebrations. There is room to be together but also lots of areas, such as the separate Pool Stable or cosy little snug, for people to enjoy their own space.

We can also help arrange catering for indulgent dining, as well as exclusive activities such as yoga classes and art workshops to make your time here extra special.

When should you visit? A holiday at The Old Vicarage has merits at all times of the year. Spring is simply heavenly in the Yorkshire Dales with new light pouring through the picture sash windows; the garden provides a perfect place in the summer to sit and enjoy those 360-degree vistas of stunning Swaledale; autumn brings a tapestry of colour to the surrounding woodlands; and the real log fire is perfect to return to after a winter walk.

We hope you will schedule us into your holiday plans this year but don’t leave it too long as many weeks are already booked. We certainly promise you a warm Yorkshire welcome and will do our very best to make your holiday the one you dream of.


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The Old Vicarage provides a haven for owls

Posted: 17/02/2023

The Old Vicarage provides a haven for owls

Owls have got to be amongst our most spectacular native birds and we are lucky to have three of our five British species living close to The Old Vicarage. These are the distinctive ghost-white Barn Owl, the larger Tawny Owl and the incredibly cute Little Owl.

Guests can often hear them calling in the quietness of the evenings and may even see them perched in trees or flying across the surrounding meadowland. Car headlights are particularly good at picking them up on the access road to the property.

Pictured is a male Barn Owl sitting on one of our field tree guards. We have three in the vicinity of The Old Vicarage – two males and a female – that choose to roost in our field barns. In fact their habit of hunting on farms and nesting in barns is what gives them their name. 

Most days at the moment we see a small male swooping and hovering at dawn and dusk hunting for his next meal. He loves moving around the Highland cattle and their pastures and quite often swoops silently over our heads too. These pastures are perfect habitats for small voles and other mammals that they love to eat.

The Tawny Owls are also abundant and can often be heard at night, t’wit-t’wooing in the trees. Tawny chicks love to scramble along branches outside their nest before they fledge. Did you know the Tawny female makes a 'too-wit' sound and the male answers with 'too-woo'?!

Our third owl species is the quirky and characterful Little Owl, which is Britain’s smallest owl at 22cm tall with a 56cm wingspan. The Little Owl is actually not a native species and was introduced in the late 1800s. Adults can make over 20 different vocalisations, which can resonate several kilometres on a still night. The walls just to the side and below The Old Vicarage, together with a small stone barn here, are a regular haunt - hence their nickname of stone owls around here - and guests often hear their call.  






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